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iTools For Windowshelp and info

  • What is iTools for Windows used for?

    iTools for Windows allows you to install applications on, move files to and from, and otherwise maintain your iOS device, such as an iPod or an iPhone. There is also a version of iTools available for Mac OS computers.

  • What does iTools do that iTunes cannot?

    iTunes is the intended application for adding music, movies and apps to your iOS device from your desktop. However, it requires the use of an iTunes account, while iTools odes not. iTools and iTunes also provide different functionality: each has a few features that the other does not.

  • What's new in the latest version of iTools for Windows?

    As of this writing, the latest version of iTools uses less hard drive space, and less CPU power while in use. Aside from performance improvements, it also supports iOS version 11.3.

  • What devices can iTools for Windows be used with?

    iTools supports the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone series of devices, inclusively. iTools is backwards compatible with versions of iOS going back as far as iOS 5, and with virtually all devices running those versions of iOS.

  • How do I start using iTools?

    Once the program is running, simply connect your iOS device via USB. iTools should then show your device and its specifications on-screen. If this does not occur, disconnecting and reconnecting your device should solve the problem.

  • How does iTools install apps?

    iTools uses .ipa files, which are used by the App Store and by iTunes but not directly displayed to the user in most cases. You will need to obtain the .ipa file for the app you want from a third-party source, then install it by clicking the Install button on the top bar under the Applications menu.

  • Why does the app transfer process sometimes fail?

    Apps that are not designed for your device may fail to install. Additionally, if your device is not jailbroken, apps that fail to meet your iPhone's built-in security standards may fail to install. Use only trusted apps with .ipa files obtained from a reputable source.

  • How does iTools manage other files?

    iTools for Windows has separate menus for Photos, Movies, Music and other forms of media, depending on the version of iTools. iTools also has a generic File Management menu for other files. It is recommended to use the file type-specific tabs where possible: for example, use the Photos menu to move images to and from your Windows desktop, instead of the File Management menu.

  • How do I upgrade or downgrade my firmware with iTools for Windows?

    It is not recommended to modify your device's firmware unless it is indicated that you should do so by Apple. iTools provides a firmware modification utility with on-screen instructions under the Toolbox menu.

  • Where is the Toolbox menu?

    iTools for Windows receives periodic updates, and many of these updates change how the app is organized. For example, the Toolbox menu and its components were previously found under a menu called Advanced Features.

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