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How to use iTools for Windows by Softonic

iTools for Windows is a useful tool for anyone with an Apple device.
iTools is much more intuitive and streamlined than iTunes – though to make it work you will still have to have iTunes installed. That said, keep in mind, previous versions of iTools will not work with the latest version of iTunes.
When you connect your Apple device to your PC, iTools will recognize it and - once authorized - start using it.
The homepage provides an overview of the device, with a description that includes your version of IOS, disk space, warranty, battery level, plus other information and tools, such as the ability to shut down or restarting the device.
iTools works primarily as your multimedia library, a manager to handle all of your songs, videos, and books in a transparent manner.
But it is also much more. For example, it includes an optimizer to solve problems and delete junk files cached by applications. The battery tool is frankly spectacular: telling you the time until fully charge how long it will last, the times full charged, the original and current capacity, and the temperature.
One of iTools best tools is the Ringtone Maker, a small utility with which you can create ringtones or alerts from any song or piece of music on your iPhone. Other useful tools are the Super Backup, Super Restore, and Migrate Data, all of which work around iTune’s security to allow you to make exact copies of your device to be moved to over devices.
There is an option to manage the applications you have installed. This lets you sort them by size, helping you decide what to remove or make backup up of when freeing up space.
iTools also has many other advanced tools – including a screen capture tool that lets you record video, though admittedly this does have some latency issues. Sorting apps placement on your device’s screen is also another possibility, so you can set up your iPad or iPhone exactly how you want it.

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